Work starts by carefully backing the canvas to obtain a smooth soft texture. This paper is the skin of the work. The ballet starts with charcoal.

Within a few seconds, the essential has been said. This speed brings momentum to the gestures and gives an impression of continuous movement to the subjects.

Capturing the movement alleviates the frustration of time ticking away.

Then follows a long and meticulous phase. Charcoal is mortar-ground to a subtle black powder. Through masterful use of blush brushes, this powder will caress the paper surface to form the skin of the subjects.

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After this delicate stage, the trance can begin: the background becomes vibrant with matter around the subject, with large brush strokes, spurts, spray, stencils, collage, tear-outs, overlaps, graphics, burns, words, acidic or broken colours according to her moods, tension and creativity. She creates a world filled with her own icons.

Tactile and tumultuous, her work is fuelled by unspoken passions and feelings.

Action painting

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