Nicole Gogat Galleries, France

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11, rue Pasteur / 30220 AIGUES-MORTES
+33 (0)4 66 51 67 91

Le Touquet – Paris-Plage
17, place de l’Hermitage / 62520 LE TOUQUET – PARIS-PLAGE
+33 (0)3 21 05 86 91

Nicole Gogat opened her gallery close to Montpellier in 2002. The gallery was at the time finding its feet in the vast world of contemporary art.

Passion, creation, authenticity, emotion and sincerity are the criteria for this gallery owner who seeks to install meaningful relationships both with her artists and her collector customers.

In 2005 the gallery moved to the fortified city of Aigues-Mortes. This site is a rich source of artistic encounters and the gallery will find much fresh new scope.

In 2013, Nicole Gogat opened a second new gallery at Le Touquet Paris-Plage on the Opal Coast and took part in several modern art shows (“Lille Art Up”, “St Art Strasbourg”, “Art Touquet”, “Art 3G Bordeaux”).

180m2 of space in Aigues-Mortes and 90m2 in Le Touquet Paris-Plage where customers can view our artists’ work and in particular their latest production.

We met in Spring 2003.

We got on as if by magic. The artist was still a little shy and presented her pictures with the nervousness of any artist on first night. I knew immediately that something strong and intense had happened between us.

We are very close and after 10 years working together, we are very attached both to the artist and to her work, whose results are amazing! As the years go by, we have more and more customers! They buy one, buy two, then start collecting Cécile Desserle’s work.

Sensual lines, strength, powerful subjects and perpetual movement transform her pictures into works filled with emotion, with that extra touch of the gifted artist.

Demand is high, her work is constantly evolving and she will continue to surprise us…

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