Art is a vector of the values and image of your company.

The purchase of works of art is first and foremost a question of encounters, impulses and passions. It is also an excellent means of communication and investment for professionals and companies who sponsor an artist.

According to Law n°2003-709 of August 1st 2003 – article 238bis of the General Tax Code: “A company which acquires an original work of art can in certain conditions obtain a reduction of its fiscal results and consequently reduce its income tax.

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  • Works must be produced by living artists and exhibited in a public area accessible to employees, customers or suppliers (…) during a 5 year depreciation period.
  • The tax deduction for each period cannot be higher than 5‰ of annual company turnover.
  • The deduction will be 20% of the purchase price for a period of 5 years. »


When your company supports artists, it is participating actively in contemporary creation. Sponsoring an artist means he or she is supported and encouraged in his or her artistic path. You will be helping the artist pursue his or her goals.

Private Individuals

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Tax Rebates

Owning a work of art associates the notion of pleasure with your estate.

Purchasing a work of art is a recommended option when diversifying your investments. The art market is undergoing profound changes and buying and collecting works of art is a real opportunity today.  Works of art are sources of prestige and pleasure, exempt from high-income tax and easy to bequeath.