3020 Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco

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368 Magasin n°1
Ground floor
Sidi Ghanem QI route de Safi  / 40110 Marrakech
gsm : +212 (0)

The 3020 Gallery in Marrakech welcomes Moroccan and French artists, photographers and designers in a large, light exhibition space whose façade is tinted with 3020 Red.

Exhibitions and performances are regularly organised here and in other unusual or intriguing locations in Marrakech.

We met Cecile several years ago at the Nicole Gogat Gallery in Aigues Mortes. At the time she was painting flamenco dansers with great talent and we fell in love at first sight with her work.

Since then her technique and scope have considerably changed. Cécile essentially paints women in a very personal “rock music” style. Cécile’s woman is free, independent and bursting with life. Her painting is modern, explosive, colourful and full of surprises.

We are delighted to be able to show her work in our Marrakech gallery. In addition to being a great artist, Cécile is a beautiful person we love to be with.

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